Can We Talk About Stupid?

Like most, I agree, stupid is a hateful word. So I had to ask myself, are some people really stupid? I am not referring to mentally challenged, people with learning disabilities, etc.

Are some people really stupid or are there just intelligent people that do stupid things? A driver stops, looks right at an oncoming car and pulls out anyway. Just a stupid act. A tractor uses the highway for several miles during rush hour traffic. Travels at 9 MPH in a 55 MHP zone. Obviously stupid. People that break the law knowing they get caught and don’t care – stupid.

How about the kids that do the dumbest things knowing they could kill themselves. Let’s face it – intelligent people doing stupid things. Drivers that drink then get in a car – lets be honest that is simply an addiction issue and it’s for another post. But if you take out the addiction factor, again stupid people.

When you have a person you tell the exact same thing 2 and 3 times a week and they still don’t listen are you dealing with stupid? Sometimes I think so but more often i think its a matter of a I don’t give a shit attitude. I wonder if they don’t care if they do it right or if they are determined to do it their way regardless. I’ve come to the conclusion that either way, you’re simply dealing with a stupid person. If you don’t have the sense to make a note or say I don’t get it, it’s just a matter of being of below average intelligence.

Every meet those people, especially in offices, that will never rise above their current position but are loud or demand things are done their way no matter what the current policy is? They act like if I’m overbearing they will let me do what I want. I believe they behave this way simply because they aren’t intelligent enough to keep track of what you’ve asked them to do. I think they lack the mental capabilities to follow guidelines and they cover it up by being loud, pushy or feeling like they are in charge of something. Bottom line is you will never change or correct people like this. It really is true that you can’t fix stupid.

So remember, there really are stupid people in this world. Yes some have a momentary lack of intelligence but some are just dumb.




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