We’ve all noticed the banks, churches and other businesses that put the catchy sayings on their signs to read as we drive by. I am sure we’ve all rolled our eyes, laughed or shook our heads at them. I am sure they are more likely meant to be thought provoking.

Today I drove by one and decided to really think about the message. It said “A life without cause is a life without effect”. So I asked myself, does every thing that has a cause also have an effect? Well I will admit, this lead to some heavy thought but, then I had my answer.

Yes. For example. Should your incessant yapping about stupid things “cause” me to slap the shit out of you, the “effect” would likely be you’d shut up. So while not every cause might have an effect, the general statement makes sense overall.

Peace out my fellow earth people,



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One thought on “CAUSE AND EFFECT

  1. I couldn’t agree more . I figure they’ll be waiting for their slap in the face from life…..I mean…cause and effect man! Or in the other explanation… Stupidity!
    I totally get incompetent people who r loud to cover their stupidity. Another c&a that I’d have love to have ended in a slap to their dense face.
    Few things truly get under my skin, but you’ve nailed it right there. I’ve always been the first to help to invite to teach… . But as u said. There r some u cant fix. Lazy is also one u can’t fix. Older generations would use the phrase, ” light a fire under them “…. Honestly the lazy I’ve come by would let the fire burn only to blame someone else and too lazy to move.
    You’d think that boomerang of c&a would come around for them, but I’ve yet to see it. Seems like it just burns everyone else.
    Keep rocking the wild lane my love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️. Love the honest insight.


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