Left Lane Drivers

It is just me or do you all fight the urge to smack people you encounter on the road?

I’m not sure which annoys me most. Left lane drivers, slow drivers, bad drivers, tailgaters? It seems never ending. People wonder why there is so much road rage? It’s because there are so many mindless drivers.

Forget being on the phone, eating in the car, screaming at your kids, etc. Those people just don’t know how dumb they are. But you tailgaters. Do you honestly think by driving on my bumper I will go faster? Are you really that ignorant? If I’m driving the posted speed and you sit on my bumper you can expect me to slow down. Especially you idiots that think if you tailgate me, I can some how drive faster than the vehicle you can clearly see right in front of me.

You slow drivers. Hey, wake up. If you are driving 45 in a 60 mph zone you ARE NOT a careful driver. You are a traffic hazard. When you see cars piling up behind pull over to the side or drive the posted speed. You are causing people to become angry, people try to pass you even if it’s unsafe, etc. Better yet, call Uber and stay off the road.

Now you left lane people. Hello, get the hell out of the left lane on the highway if you aren’t passing people. Don’t sit there thinking well they can go around me. You, like the slow people, have become a traffic hazard. There is simply no rational reason for you to be in that lane doing at or below the speed limit, other than you’re a complete dick.

So in conclusion, Don’t get in that passing lane and decide to stay there simply because you think everyone else is driving fast enough. YOU ARE NOT THE LANE POLICE

Drive safe and wheels on the pavement my fellow earth drivers.

Signed Slightly


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