Pickles and the Government

So,, why is the government involved in the matter of pickles? Why would the US Supreme Court need to make a ruling on pickles? Don’t my tax dollars pay the salaries of the judges? Who approached the Supreme Court to make a ruling on this matter? It’s insane. It’s a huge waste of tax payer funds.

What prompted this insight? Well someone asked me today “a pickle is a vegetable right?” Not knowing the correct answer, I deferred to Mr Google. I am not sure exactly who Mr. Google is, but I swear he knows everything.

My search resulted in being stunned. The US Supreme Court ruled that a pickle, while thought to be a vegetable, contains seeds so is therefore a “fruit of the vine”. What baffles my mind isn’t the decision, but what idiot petitioned the court to rule on the pickle? It can take upwards of 2 years to get a case heard in front of the US Supreme Court. Why? Well apparently because they are tied up ruling on a pickle.

We are quickly becoming a world of plain simple nonsense. Who really in the grand scheme of things, cares whether a pickle is a fruit or a vegetable? You like them or you don’t.

So make sure to eat you veggies my fellow earth pickle eaters.

Signed, Slightly


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