Generation Y

Generation Y. Can they possibly be as uninformed, naive, dare I say as ignorant, as they come across from the ones we hear?

As I waited for coffee this morning, I overheard 2 misguided, or plain dumb, young men talking about the military and how they are so “dumb to just blindly follow Trump and whatever he wants to do”. I had to ask myself, how are we educating our youth that they don’t understand how the military works? Do they really think you sign up then just pick and choose what you want to do? Can they be that clueless?

They have a new phrase “boomers”. A friend hit it on the head when he said that’s their answer when they don’t have the intelligence to make an actual response. What will they do when our generation is gone and not here to lead them? We are talking about adults that needed coloring books and play dough to help them cope with election results. College students that needed safe places to grieve their candidate not winning. Scary part is the colleges provided that and grief counseling.

Can you see these same people up for a promotion at work and they don’t get it? Do they think their employer is going to run in with a coloring book saying it’s ok, relax, you’re safe and maybe you’ll get it next time? Will your wife run in when you have a hard day and reassure you that all is well and here’s some play dough to relax? If she does, heads up she’s got a real man on the side cause no woman wants to brag she’s married to a coloring, pansy whimp that needs a safe room.

It’s 2020. Grow up, realize that life is what you make it. You don’t like the current President, governor, etc., stop crying wait 4 years and vote for someone else. People have done it for well over a hundred years. Quit being a whinny, entitled bitch. You aren’t entitled to a damn thing except whatever you earn yourself. So get a job instead of hanging out at the coffee house at 9am.

Peace out you tide pod eating morons.

Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “Generation Y

  1. Yes, I would like to choke them all when they talk like that….my stepson included. They just don’t want to work and are pissed that they have to do so. That’s why they’re all such Bernie fans.


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