Take A Knee!

I thought this nonsense was past but it came up in a discussion last night so let me address it here, in my safe place – hahahaha. (See reference in prior post)

First let me say, I think you should boycott any team that allows this. Regardless of any players opinion, when you put on that uniform and step on that field, you are, plain and simple, an overpaid employee. The Dallas coach told every player that and you gotta respect him for making that clear.

Ever notice the only sport you see this in is football. You never see a hockey player take a knee. Well ok you do, but it’ with a hockey stick and results in a penalty. I don’t see NBA players on their knees while the national anthem plays. Ever think maybe we need to stop telling these jackasses they are heroes? How they hell does throwing a football make you a hero. We need to remind them that you’re some over paid, spoiled, loud mouth dumbass that likely got into college because you could play football.

That flag represents men and women that sign up to protect this country. To put themselves between you and anyone who threatens you and your family. No one went to the recruiting office saying sign me up cause I wanna kill. Well, except that guy in the Alice’s Restaurant song. If you know that reference, welcome boomers and Gen X followers.

You think throwing a ball or running across a field makes you an American Hero? Think again. It makes you someone with same talent some apes have. Wanna meet a hero? Next time you see a veteran or a man in uniform, walk up and introduce yourself to a hero. Next time you take that knee, say a prayer since you’re on your knees already for those men that died and were buried under that same flag so you could behave like a jackass. Without them you’d likely speak German or Japanese right now.

Every veteran and current solider is without question, the definition of an AMERICAN HERO. If you can’t respect the flag then you don’t respect the country so feel free to leave anytime.

Peace out my fellow Group W people.

Signed Slightly.


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