Follower’s Query – Opinions

As I sat in front of my keyboard, a follower emailed me just now on the subject of Facebook and social media comments. They questioned why we all feel the need to add our opinion, requested or not. I would hazard a guess that 90% of the time it was not requested and wasn’t a compliment.

I’m glad you asked and it’s simple, we are not only nosy and opinionated but brave when there is a computer screen between us and the other person. I find this especially true of the older generation making their way onto social media. It’s similar to my post last week about parents that feel the need to make rude comments to kids or grand kids. Many think I have a right because you posted, I have a right because I’m old or I have a right I’m your parent. Many just think people actually want their opinion. Well guess what. You have no damn right to share your opinion unless you were asked. In fact, if you weren’t asked, it’s likely no one wants to hear it or cares.

It seems because you sit behind a screen or keyboard it makes people even braver to make snide comments or tell you how to do things. I’ve seen social media comments about kids and people saying I wouldn’t give my kid that or you should have done this. The email today referenced quilters posting finished spreads and people commenting on what they should have done differently.

My followers, here is how you stop that. The same thing I advised for rude parents and grandparents, speak up. We all feel the need to be polite or ignore it. Well that just encourages them to continue. When someone puts this on your social media comment back, “thanks but no one asked your opinion”. Better yet if it’s something you made or created, how abut commenting back, “since you’re apparently the perfect writer, photographer, creator or quilter (whichever word applies), how about you post your last creation so I can critique it for you and tell you what you should have done to make it better”. I can almost guarantee you that shuts them up.

So in closing, when dealing with others yes be kind. Treat your fellow earth people with respect. Don’t be nasty. But, there is always a but, if they think it’s ok to tell you what you should have done, feel free to respond the same way. Worse comes to worse, try this. “Shut the hell up, no one asked you.” I hope this answers your question on how I feel about negative people on social media. Feel free to email anytime.

Peace out my fellow social media earth people.

Signed Slightly.


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