No one Rides For Free

I was at a jeep event recently and couldn’t help but laugh at the teens looking at a very common bumper/window sticker among the Jeeps. What made it so funny is I think it’s been around since I was a kid, which was a very long time ago.

The window/bumper sticker features a man humping a woman and reads – Gas or Ass, No One Rides for Free. I can see being an adolescent male teen how this is just too funny. It doesn’t really matter how old the thought is I guess. The girls however were passing by with “that’s so gross”.

Of course that got me thinking, and considering the name of this blog, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised where my mind wandered. I started noticing a lot of the Jeep owners now a days are women, many younger women. I could see how they wouldn’t put that sticker on their Jeep but couldn’t they use something just as funny. With that thought in mind, I developed a new bumper sticker just for female drivers. Forget Jeeps, I think every woman needs one on her car. I need to copyright this phrase but it’s doubtful most minds travel where mine does so wouldn’t likely think of it. So for all you lady Jeep drivers, next time you see that Gas or Ass sticker, proudly display this one courtesy of Slightly.


We all need a laugh for Mondays. Peace out my fellow earth drivers.

Signed Slightly.


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3 thoughts on “No one Rides For Free

  1. Or even change up the police bumper sticker that says,
    Click It or Ticket
    How about
    “Lick it or Dick it! ”
    That could apply to tons of things…not just free rides. Why not just a life motto? I mean that’s wisdom there in those words friend!!!
    Since your on this topic.. Wonder what the equivalent of
    Free Mustache Rides
    would be?
    The GNR song,…” Welcome to the (my) Jungle”? Or a spin…literally on the Kenny Loggins song,…Highway to the (my) Danger Zone’.
    Be sure to let us know if u start a line of Slightly Merchandise. I look forward to proudly wearing some wildness.


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