What If Google Died?

I was at the vet yesterday and heard the customer explaining to the front desk that her cat was sick and she had looked it up on Google. I wondered how many times we hear that about different situations but didn’t give it a lot of thought.

Then I got up this morning. As usual I showered, shaved etc. then reached for my phone to check the morning news. Ok, let’s be honest here. I pulled up Facebook because that’s where most of us get our morning information.

Hmmm not loading. Then I pulled up the Google home page since it has news. Hmm not loading. Oh well off to work. As I was driving, I remembered I needed to call and make an appointment for later in the week. I pulled up Google and still nothing. No news page, no response to a search. Just nothing. After trying for about 15 minutes I realized, I can’t call until I get the phone number.

For some reason it reminded me of the cat lady yesterday. She used Google to look up info on her sick cat. I think how many times I’ve used Google to check info on my dogs medicine, side effects on my own drugs, phone numbers, definitions, etc. Is there anything we don’t use Google for? Heck without Google I can’t search my favorite blog. I’ll be honest, this is my favorite blog.

After 20 minutes of still nothing I started to panic. What if Google was dead?

There are no more phone books, dictionaries and encyclopedias are gone. Kids use it for school. We use it for work, we use it to communicate and look up nearly everything. If I have to call instead of text, how would I get the phone number? I’d have to actually talk to someone, like voice talking. I tried to picture college kids that had to do research with books like we did. Then I thought holy crap, if video games don’t work either kids will want to go outside. Damn they’ll get dirty or God forbid might drink out of a hose and die from some bizarre disease. Or worse yet, someone may actually get an eye poked out. You heard about it for years. It’s bound to happen eventually.

Would life as we know it stop? I don’t have an answer but I think the world would be in a massive state of panic. But panic aside, I do wonder if turning off Goggle for a few days might improve life. I drank from a hose, used a dictionary, called people instead of texting and hell I probably even ate lead paint and didn’t die. That last part might explain this blog though.

When I arrived at the office I thought I’d go ahead and check my email then remembered, no Google. I sat down, fired up the computer and apparently it was just my phone. Thank goodness, Google is alive and well.

Peace out my fellow internet addicts.

Signed Slightly.


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