Makes You Wonder, Doesn’t It?

Because I commute about and hour each way daily, I have become accustomed to seeing the odd thing or two laying on, or in the road. I’m sure we all have.

I’ve found dropped money, tools fallen off of trucks, ladders, water jugs and the almost famous, one shoe. Then there is the ever nasty used diaper. Yesterday I encountered a used tampon. This had to be a seriously nasty women to do this. How does it happen? The only plausible reason is you plucked it out in the car and tossed it out the window. Really how foul are you to toss out shit filled diapers and used tampons for someone else to clean up? What a wonderful human being you must be. I’ve always thought if you’d do this in public, your house must be incredibly nasty.

But other than that, do you ever stop and really wonder where these things came from or better yet how they got there or why no one picked them up?

If you dropped just one shoe wouldn’t you stop and pick it up? A friend mentioned finding a case of beer and full bottle of vodka. Ok that didn’t fall off a truck unnoticed and not break. I’ve passed full boxes of green peppers that obviously fell from trucks. I really thought over the years I’ve pretty much seen it all. Until last week that is. I wasn’t even going to write about it until today when I saw the even weirder thing.

So last week I spot not a thing, but a person. Yes we’ve all seen a person walking down the side of the road. We’ve likely all seen weirdly dressed or strange acting people walking down the side of the road. Friday during my commute, I was so stunned I actually turned around, went back and made sure I saw what I saw. Walking down the side of a MAJOR interstate was a man (or woman) wearing a full length bathrobe, slippers and a football helmet. Being 3-4 miles from the closest exit or entrance ramp why was no one slowing down or wondering where this person came from? I actually slowed and made a call to the local police department. Even they were shocked they hadn’t received any other calls and wanted to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. I did explain I circled back and yes it was correct. Hopefully they sent someone out.

Today is what made me write a post on baffling things found on the side of the road. A baby car seat. A very nice, in good condition car seat. Just sitting neatly about 6 inches from the lane of traffic. It wasn’t randomly tossed out laying there. It was placed there in an upright position, facing the road like it was waiting on the baby to come along and claim it. This has to make you wonder. Someone was obviously driving around with a baby seat. Did they suddenly decide they no longer needed it. Maybe they got a new one but why drive around with the old one and just place it next to the road. Since it’s odd to picture someone driving around with a baby seat, in good condition, and suddenly deciding to leave it on the road it made me wonder, where is that baby? Why doesn’t he or she need it all of a sudden? It was a rather disturbing thought that has stuck with me all day now.

PS – if you’re wondering, I did go back and make sure there was no child in that car seat.

So let me know what you’ve randomly found on the road that left you wondering.

Peace out fellow wonderers.

Signed Sightly.


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