Bizarre Laws

Being bored yesterday, I ran across an article about obscure or weird laws that, believe it or not, are still current laws in some states. After reading them I have to admit some make no sense. I’ve listed a few for you just for fun, and so you don’t get arrested traveling.

Alaska – you can be arrested for entering or staying in a bar drunk. Ok then.

Florida – this one I love. It is illegal for any bar owner to allow or participate in dwarf tossing contests. Really, is that a thing?

Idaho – they made cannibalism illegal with 14 years in prison, unless it’s a life threatening survival situation. Are they anticipating a zombie issue.

Kansas – no one can sell liquor in a glass. So you go to a bar and drink it from the bottle?

Minnesota – it’s illegal to have or participate in a greased pig contest. I bet the pigs are happy.

Mississippi – you can get 30 days in jail for cussing if 2 or more people are present. Damn good thing I don’t live in Mississippi

Virginia still makes it illegal to have sex unless you’re married and Nebraska says it’s illegal to marry if you have a sexually transmitted disease.

In MASS you can not play a partial or changed version of the Star Spangled Banner and in NY it’s illegal to be masked in public with other people. Makes you wonder how that law got started.

In Ohio all coal mines must provide adequate rolls of toilet paper for workers and in Indiana a liquor store can’t sell water unless it’s room temp.


New Mexico does not allow idiots to vote. While I’m sure they meant something else, this would change the entire election process if every state did this.

Texas doesn’t allow you to run for office unless you acknowledge a Supreme Being.

West Virginia allows you to hunt with dogs but prohibits hunting with ferrets. Do people actually hunt with ferrets? Maybe for ferrets?

And Rhode Island tops the list making it a 20 year sentence for biting off a person’s limb but only if it was done with the purpose of maiming them? Why else would you bite off a limb? They better hook up with Idaho on that cannibalism thing.

So stay safe and I suggest you look up the weird and bizarre laws that could get you arrested when traveling. As they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. And watch your step in SC. Signs say speeding is a $200 fine and prison. No county jail for you. I don’t think I’d last long in prison when someone asked and I said I was in for speeding.

Peace out fellow law abiding citizens.

Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “Bizarre Laws

  1. Here in Ohio the local county Fair has a greased pig contest. There has been more light shed on animal cruelty in more recent years with so many incidents of animal hoarding and dog mills and animal abuse. Many wrote to the paper, the news, the fair board, the humane society in an attempt to stop this archaic tradition at fairs.
    I am no hippie tree hugger but I couldn’t agree more that this tradition is terribly cruel to these pigs. It also sets a terrible example to impressionable eyes that animals don’t have feelings and treating them this way is somehow acceptable. Numerous veterinary professionals also wrote in to support the banishment of this practice, and how abhorrent it is to make a spectacle of animal torture. I’d say Ohio should consider adopting Missouri’s old but still appropriate law.
    As for Virginia’s law of sex…. Funny considering their states motto is, Virginia…Is for lovers ♥️ I guess the disclaimer must be implied. Lol!


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