Millennials and Tampons

Ok while I’m not a tampon user, I am familiar with their purpose so imagine my surprise when I ran across an article warning millennials about using crocheted tampons.

I will not lie, I had to ask myself if this was a joke. They shocked me when they needed coloring books to overcome an election and are eating tide pods for entertainment, but seriously? Do they need to be told tampons are a disposable items? Who said one day, heck I can make one of those? Then do you tote around the dirty ones till you go home and wash them? I will admit, it has baffled m mind and left me seriously confused. and worried about our future generations.

These trends started me reading up on how the world has changed with millennials coming of age. The youngest millennial will be 24 in 2020 and the oldest 39. The things that interest them were amazing to read. I decided to share a few tidbits for each year. I hope your not as dumbfounded as I was.

First the new way to describe a millennial is racially diverse, economically stressed and politically liberal. They claim Instagram is their biggest inspiration and love to revive the 90’s fashion. That pretty much sums them up so here are those things you’ve always wanted to know.

2013 – The biggest trend was showing skin and paleo diets, the catch phrase was “get thristy” which stood for having sex and the most googled thing was grumpy cat memes.

2014 – Biggest trend was burrito bowls and booze popsciles and the most googled this year was Beyonce’s gender equality speech.

2015 – Biggest trend is avocado toast and the most googled was the issue of pay gaps and same sex marriage. Could they finally be interested in meaningful things?

2016 – Biggest trends were the moscow mule and cauliflower anything and the most googled was Hillary Clinton and liberal policies. Scary they are suddenly interested in politics.

2017 – Saw a trend towards canned wine and binge watching TV. The most googled thing was sex allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

2018 – This is scary – biggest trend was wearing bike shorts as formal wear (hello bike shorts?) and acai bowls. The most googled thing was the royal wedding.

2019 – As most of the world, the biggest trend was CDB additives. They were being added to everything from donuts to lattes and the most googled thing was the way to erase student debt that amounts to about 1.5 trillion dollars.

I can’t imagine what the millennial trend for 2020 will be but I had hopes in 2015 and 2016 when they started questioning pay gaps and watching the political trends. However they lost me again when the new google interest were the royal wedding, Harvey Weinstein and getting others to pay their school costs.

So hopefully I have given you a laugh for today and something interesting, or scary, to think about.

Peace out fellow earth boomers.

Signed Slightly.

PS – I am still struggling to understand and comprehend crocheted tampons.


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One thought on “Millennials and Tampons

  1. The whole damn thing freaks me out. My future will slowly be controlled by aged millennials who don’t know jack! Won’t do jack! Don’t know where to look to find jack! Can’t organize a sock drawer let alone their own lives and sure as heck can’t contribute to the world even 1/10th of what all previous generations have done. That’s not even assuming they are going forward, but just maintaining. They are sucking up 90% of the world around them. Expecting everything! Depleting the vastness of everything from opportunities to welfare and now perverting social reform, politics, anything related to sex or gender and the process of …well everything! Everything is their dang way right now! If they don’t get it, it’s like a toddlers whiney hissy fit, making a spectacle for all to see! Now it’s a hissy fit of an epic proportion of echoed whining until society gives them their damn cookie and shuts them up. Any action to the contrary is tweeted and shared by blindly uninformed self absorbed morons as anything in opposition of them is Hate Speech or so hurtful they need safe zones.
    I actually find it amazing they’d make a crocheted tampon. Because that might require work or money to buy supplies. But as you mention “Slightly” about them saving the tampons all day to go home and wash them…. I find that hard to believe too that they’d be bothered to launder them. That takes work and also requires care about the future, none of which seem to be on their priority list. I’m sure to them, they think by not buying tampons that it equals saving the rainforests single handedly, and about 8 other very “important” social and political changes. They are very much a generation who are seeded in what psychologist would call , Magical Thinking. (I’m sure to them this sounds like some awesome Harry Potter stuff 😒😒)
    How bout this Millennials….. Go really old school and dig a hole in the Earth under a tent with your friends and sit on it during your periods so you can return it to the Earth directly.
    We are so rapidly going backwards and sideways and into alternative dimensions of faux reality anything seems probable.
    I can only hope this is phase that following generations or stark reality will slap out of them, and not some downward spiral from which humanity will not pull back from. Just as worse, I hope it’s not some genetic alteration that has caused brain damage to all future generations.
    I know my view sounds dark , but it feels dark. Where’s the light ? The hope ? The future? The plan? This topic may have started off on tampons but that’s an excellent illustration of what we r dealing with,..and will soon be under the loathing tyrant socialist rule of overthinking non working irreverent millennials.


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