Can’t You Just Get up 5 Minutes Earlier

I see this so often that I had to mention it. It may seem a lot of my opinions center around other drivers, but I spend a lot of time on the road each day.

Women, I do not mean to single you out as I see men doing dumb things as well, but seriously, do you really need to get dressed in the car? I can’t count how many times in even a week I see women fixing their hair, putting on makeup, etc. Hell last week I passed a women who apparently got her hands on a battery operated curling iron as she was curling her hair each time we stopped at a traffic light.

I guess I could see lipstick, maybe even a spritz or perfume in the car but can’t you get up 5 minutes earlier to curl your hair, put on mascara, etc? What prompted me to write this was the lady sitting next to me at an unusually long traffic light. I happened to glance over and had to do a double take. She her left leg propped on the dash next to the steering wheel and was shaving her legs. Come on, seriously? GET UP 5 MINUTES EARLIER. I will admit I took the double take as I initially thought something completely different when I saw one leg propped up but I will skip over that as I am sure you can imagine on your own.

Men you don’t get off without a mention. You do not need to shave in the car, put on your tie while driving or the other dumb things you do as well. Especially you that I see quite often on a very busy interstate, you in the black Jag that drives with your knee as you eat a bowl of cereal at 75+ miles per hour. I don’t know your name but you win the prize. Idiot prize.

But seriously ladies, stop making people feel bad for blowing the horn at you because you’re in a car, stopped at a light, and don’t notice it changed to green because you’re focused on getting all pretty for work, school, etc. Just get up a minute or two earlier. And you Jaguar man, Eat an egg mcmuffin, cereal is not car food.

Peace out fellow over sleepers.

Signed Slightly.


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