Weird Thoughts

Ever notice if you are doing something mindless and have nothing to occupy your thoughts, you start to wonder and think up weird ideas and questions. Mine is when I’m waiting some place and I have nothing to read or do. Sometimes they are based on something you’ve seen or heard and sometimes they just develop on their own. I thought I’d share some just for fun. Disclaimer – you can clearly see the name of my blog.

Plants are actually farming humans. They give us oxygen till we die then we become mulch they eat.

When I’m asleep my brain makes up stories and then I’m afraid of them.

Using an egg to bread a chicken breast is total disrespect to the chicken.

Whether you’re murdered or assassinated simply depends on how important you are.

Ever wonder if the entire galaxy is populated and they ignore us hoping we’ll figure it out eventually. Stop and think, aliens invaded the moon in 1969.

Tobacco companies should fund cancer research. The minute we have a cure you know tons more people will buy them

If you’re blind and reading braille would you freak out if it said “do not touch”

My dog understands a lot of human words and I understand none of his, so which one of us is smarter.

I wish tombstones included a cause of death.

Almost every hand I’ve ever shaken has had a dick in it.

I’ve seen someone else’s butt hole more than I’ve ever seen mine.

Depression is like being in an abusive relationship with your own brain.

I’m not afraid of being left alone in my house, I’m afraid of not being alone in my house.

There is no evidence that today is Tuesday. You just have to trust that someone has kept track.

I realized I will be the last person in my lifetime to die.

Some of my other thoughts are best left off paper, or electronic postings but my therapist says I’m not alone in those thoughts so I feel okay.

Peace out fellow thinkers.

Signed Slightly


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