The Chicken Sandwich Debate

I know we have all heard about the new Popeye’s chicken sandwich. The debate rages on. Who has the best chicken sandwich? Popeye’s or Chick Fil A? I’ve read so many articles saying this is the first time a rival has taken on Chick Fil A. They have a market share no one has challenged in a long time. Even McDonald’s at one time tried to get a share of the chicken sandwich business with the southern fried chicken sandwich. I guess it failed as that sandwich is no longer on Micky D’s menu.

So the results are in, at least in my book. Chick Fil A has nothing to worry about. While I am not a huge fast food fan, I do enjoy a tasty Chick Fil A sandwich and in fact, just had one on Monday. As usual, it was delicious.

So today when someone mentioned Popeye’s I thought well why not and had them bring me back the now famous Popeye’s chicken sandwich. To be fair, I had high hopes. I wanted to love it as we do not have a Chick Fil A close to us. But alas, it was not to be. I wanted that flavorful, nicely fried, even breading to chicken ratio sandwich. That was not what I got.

First mayo. Ok but I would have preferred to order mayo on it. The bread was soggy and not appealing visually but let’s be honest, the chicken is supposed to be the star. Hmmmm, no. I got my mouth ready for that chicken that they said rivaled the famous one. What I bit into had absolutely no flavor. It was kind of like eating wax chicken. It was tough to the extent that every bite pulled big pieces off the sandwich that you couldn’t bite thru. I even tried pulling off the bread and just eating the chicken but it was still a tough, tasteless chicken sandwich.

Chick Fil A you still reign as king of the chicken sandwich world. What I had today would have to improve about 200% to even be called a comparison. Standing by your Christian believes alone gives you my respect but hail the chicken sandwich.

Peace out fellow chicken eater.

Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “The Chicken Sandwich Debate

  1. I’ve not heard of this rival if the chicken but I love in Ohio near WV and we just got a Popeyes a few years ago. While it’s still open it hasn’t been some place people r raging about. I’m sure part of that is the location they selected, which is amongst any other eatery we might have and in front of the mall where getting to is a huge chore. I was excited to try it for the first time . It was ok. It wasn’t anything I’d go out of my way to eat again.
    I agree about needing the right bun to chicken ratio. It might be about the chicken but the bun is the welcome to the sandwich. So if your eyes aren’t interested it’s hard to get your stomach interested. Well you’ve saved me from making a trip for just a bland bleck sandwich.


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