Limited Mental Capacity

Ever work with someone that drove you nuts? Just never seems to do even half their job? Forgets to do things that are a daily tasks over and over? Wants to run the office or needs to feel they are in charge and can barely get thru one day a week without screwing things up? That one that wants to do what they want, when they want and uses I forgot as an excuse? And every time, it’s always someone else’s fault. They are first to jump up and explain why someone else caused them to screw up.

This type of co-worker used to drive me crazy. I mean like slap the shit out of you crazy. Until last night. After another day of once again not doing a daily task that someone else then has to do, I thought, I’m seriously going to lose my mind or slap them. But I woke up in the middle of the night and realized, they aren’t just playing dumb. While not every case, in my office I finally accepted it’s what I have decided to call LMC. Limited Mental Capacity. They simply lack intelligence. Aren’t mentally capable of handling daily job tasks.

I watched that person today and realize I’m right. They sent an office wide memo out again saying why it wasn’t their fault they didn’t do the job again yesterday. Then I had to admit. They’re just stupid. They want to be in charge to hide the fact that they don’t have the intelligence to do the work they are hired for.

These kind of people still boggle my mind. It would be against my principles to take a job, be given a scope of work I’m supposed to do each day, then collect my check each Friday knowing I was being paid for work someone else has to do. I can’t imagine it not bothering me that I was getting paid while other people had to increase their work load to cover my share and I take the pay for it. Not to mention, I could not work in an office knowing everyone else thinks I’m lazy or stupid.

So here’s hoping you’re the one who covers the slack in your office and not the LMC employee. Cause you know your office likely has at least one.

Peace out fellow annoyed employees.

Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “Limited Mental Capacity

  1. I got to the end and wondered if you had suggested,….” Every office has one, so if you aren’t picking up someone’s slack, maybe consider you might be the LMC offender”.
    I guess I feel like it’s just our newer version of lazy,.where people work far harder at getting out of things than if they’d have just done the work….or blaming everyone else for every wrong thing in life rather than the common denominator. Look at what goes into being this deceptive and sneaky and doing everything on the sky,… They might be shell of an employee / co worker but it takes work and effort to be the way they are. Maybe they lack work smarts but they “lazy / I’ll make my problems your fault” smarts. Like people who do all this hacking or cyber crimes,…they have to be so smart to do that ,but couldn’t use it for real-life applications where they could feel good about honest work.
    At the end of the day, you can’t make people care or make people have a moral center. Some people just don’t’s all about them. There’s a reason there’s an endless list of psychiatric codes for endless psychiatric disorders. Lots of narcissist disorders and lots of personality disorders too…which I’m sure you could come up with a dozen that applied to your situation with this LMC person. Like my husband says, …we all go to therapy because the people who should go don’t(didn’t). Couldn’t be true.
    They never did really make that pill we’ve all laughed over for years, Fukitol….. I can’t help but think half of us need that one while the other half need one like, Givacare. Then we’d be balanced again.


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