Citizen’s Arrest For DumbAssary

A reader wrote in and wanted to know my thoughts on citizen’s arrest and tickets for dumb asses. On J. Hot, if only.

I can’t tell you how many times I would have loved to pull over even police officers not only for failing to do their jobs but plain dumb ass things. While I have the upmost respect for law enforcement, and realize they have a job few others would take, they need to realize they are part of the public as well. I watched one this weekend make a lane change and 2 turns in front of me and never once use a blinker. If you’ve read my prior blogs, you know how I feel about blinkers. Only assholes don’t use blinkers.

That drove me nuts enough, but seriously at the next intersection a pick up slides over in front of him less than 10 feet from an intersection, no blinker (that’s 2 traffic laws violated) and then stops to turn again not only with no blinker but no brake lights. Officer just ignored every infraction. Should not be allowable unless we can do a citizen’s arrest for dumb asses. I’m not going to ramble along about total assholes that don’t have brake lights on their vehicles.

So J. Hot, I am afraid if we could write citizens tickets for dumbassary, we’d likely have not only huge traffic backups from all the people pulled over, but court backed up for years. Because, as I am sure you know, the world is full of dumb asses. But oh how I would love the idea.

Peace out fellow dumb ass hater J. Hot. Signed Slightly


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3 thoughts on “Citizen’s Arrest For DumbAssary

  1. Wow,….that was a great laugh !!!! As usual u r spot on about all fall out from ticketing the dumbassery that has run rampant!! It would be a constant job just writing out tickets!!!! It’s like this FB page I love,’s something about not being a Dick Wipe. Needless to say I’ve wanted to order individual wipes with Something about ,” So you had to be a Dick Wipe for _____________________” and leave them on cars, etc. But alas, I’d be out of then in a week. Keep the awesome blogging going. We all need a good cathartic laugh! Thanks!


  2. Dear J. Hot. I am sure the dumb asses will likely outnumber us one day. I need to check into this Dick Wipe page you referenced. May be a breeding ground for new material. However, since we can’t write citizen tickets, can I make a suggestion for future reference. Business cards. Any time you visit a business person and they are a jackass, rude, mean etc., simply take a card, or 5 or 6. When you encounter the driving dumb asses in parking lots, just grab one of those cards, jot a note saying thanks for parking like a dumb ass on the back and leave on the offending car. This way you introduce 2 dumb asses to each other, remotely. LOL.

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    1. That’s too perfect ….introducing them to each other. Now I have to wonder whose card I want to get. Hhhmmmmm….. So much to ponder Sir Slightly!


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