Derailed in Your Journey?

A reader wants to know how to find yourself and continue your journey in life once you loose yourself or become “derailed”. Not sure if I can answered that in the deep thought way they had in mind, mostly because I don’t have a lot of deep thoughts. Slightly sociopathic, but rarely deep.

I guess my first question would be who decided you got lost in your journey? You or someone told you that you did? What makes one decide they are derailed in life? I sit sometimes and have the craziest ideas and thoughts. Does that mean I’m not on my path? Maybe but who decided my path? People quit jobs, leave spouses, quit school, etc. and wonder how to get back on their path in life.

Well, honestly. Wherever you are right now is your journey. We get to decide our path every single day that we are allowed to wake up. What was your journey last week may not be where it is today. Bottom line, every day we have to pick ourselves up, brush off whatever crap is left from yesterday and start back on our journey.

Maybe you decided in school you wanted to be a lawyer but couldn’t afford college so you’re a welder. That doesn’t mean you lost you’re way, it just means law wasn’t your path. Many of us never take the paths we planned years ago. But hell, look where you are and look where you can go.

Do you need a set journey? Live each day like it’s a whole new journey. Be kind, be funny, be giving but most of all, be a little crazy. If your journey has left you feeling tired, empty or other non feelings, brush that shit off. Wake up tomorrow and say out loud, today starts my new journey then go do something you’d otherwise never do.

Go the the store and just wander around and talk to strangers, go to a park and fly on a swing, drive until you’re tired then have lunch in a strange place. Be a little mean and simply don’t do things for people just because you want to say no for a change. There is nothing wrong with being a little crazy.

If nothing helps lose that derailed feeling, brush off the shit in life, realize you can start a new journey every day and then go volunteer at a homeless shelter. I did and I realized my journey wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Peace out derailed peeps. Signed Slightly.


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