How To Heal A Marriage

I reader wrote in wanting to know how they could repair their marriage after a spouse cheated. Hmmm, this might not be the best place for that type of question cause you won’t like my answer.

You don’t. A person that cheats, will always be one of two things. An actual cheater or a cheater in your mind. No matter how much counseling, therapy, etc you go to, you will always wonder any time they don’t answer a phone, come home late, etc. People who cheat are plain and simple, A PIECE OF SHIT.

If you’re married and want to sleep with a new partner, hey that’s your choice. Simply tell your spouse, I’m bored, I want a new experience, file for divorce and bang your way thru the phone book. Marriage, whether you believe it or not, is based on nothing but love and trust. Once one is gone, the other will never truly recover. You can lie and tell yourself it will, but you’re full of crap.

Most people won’t be honest and leave before they cheat for no reason other than they don’t want to chance giving up what they have in case the other thing doesn’t work out or isn’t any better. Many cheat cause they feel the sex is better somewhere else. Well if you like blow jobs, tell your wife you like blowjobs. You like kinky sex, tell your husband you’re into some weird shit you want to explore with him. Hell buy some handcuffs and vibrators and go to town. If your sex life sucks, you are part of the problem. People say women cheat for love, not sex. I call bullshit and the same logic applies. Tell you husband you don’t feel loved, file for divorce then go get your freak on.

I probably didn’t answer the way you expected but cheaters are cheaters. They don’t care how hurt or affected you are. Are you worried if I leave I’ll be alone? Well trust me, alone is better than life with a worthless shit.

Peace out. Signed Slightly.


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