Brand Names That Went Wrong

Last night while shopping I came across a can I don’t see often but when I do I can’t help but wonder – WTF. Who named this product? I know you’ll be looking in the store if you’ve never seen it, but trust me, it’s there. That random can next to the Spam that is labeled Spotted Dick. Yeap you read that right. I’ll wait cause I know half of you reading just stopped to googled what is spotted dick. Question is, if you can’t find it do you ask the male stock clerk, do you have Spotted Dick? Should you mention, it’s in a can? Since most stock help is younger and likely never heard of this, it could likely result in you being asked to leave the store or reported for sexually harassing the stock help.

This prompted me to think about other weird named items. Granted most I’ve heard about are from other countries but seriously, who thought these up?

The FAG Detector – in even comes in 3 versions. It detects studs in a wall. I guess either way the name seems weird. Do I have gay men in my wall?

Japan has time release capsules but they are labeled “retard capsules”. Ok, even I’m not commenting on that.

When you see an item on the shelf called “Butt Buddy” what’s your first thought? Porn store? Nope. It’s to save your cigarette buts. Great thought, weird branding idea.

How about a teflon car lubricant called Bust-A-Nut.

Johnson’s makes a Bitch Spray. I know, you immediately put that on your sopping list for so many friends but it’s actually for female dogs.

How about a pillow soft toilet paper called Shit Begone. Ok I’d buy that just for the label, but I’m never buying latex gloves called In The Pink. Think that one through.

And last but obviously not least – a snack bar called Homo Sausage. WTH. I don’t care what country it comes from that is messed up.

Feel free to let me know what weird brands you run across.

That toilet paper prompts me to think about my next blog. So hit me up and let me know – what’s the weirdest place you ever pooped.

Peace out. Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “Brand Names That Went Wrong

  1. That’s hilarious !!!!! I was at the grocery store a few weeks ago and spotted this item in my peripheral vision, because it was so brightly packaged…. It was in with feminine creams, feminine wash and sexy lubricants … It was called Queen V. To explain , that caught my eye because my sister’s name starts with a V and a while back an ex got her personalized tags to say Queen V. If u knew her it’s appropriate, so all awesome reasons. But this ladies product had all humor and latest trends built into the names of items. I’m married (sorry Slightly) so I’m new to some of the dating sites lingo, but I did get their humor on the Queen V lady wipes , called Swipe Right (or maybe it was left..but under the idea). Their lingo under Queen V, reference treating yourself like a queen. It was great for a quick pic and text to my sister. Ok,…I posted it and tagged her in it. We r weird that way. My friend use to have a can of spotted dick her sister got her and she has it displayed on a shelf amongst other humorous things. I mean, why not?! Live weird!!!
    I’m sure any shopping list I’ve left in a cart were found to be odd , as I write ” Butt spray ” down to buy. I’m not really but spray for my butt, but rather Glade air freshener for the bathroom for poo-y smells. Which u should look at the diagram on Air Wick butt spray. It’s got a red can with a line through it and a green can showing the right way to hold the spray can while spraying. It totally looks like penises (or is that peni for pleural?! Lol!) At least they’ve made the can humorous ! Now I’ll be on the look out for weirdly name foods.


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