Weirdest Place I Ever Pooped

Wow, I had to really think about this one. You wouldn’t think so as I haven’t pooped in a lot of weird places. When I sat down to write this what immediately came to mind was the weirdest time I’ve ever seen someone poop. Go figure.

Once while traveling, I stayed a few days with a friend who had a spare room. My second day there I got up first and decided I have time to take a nice leisurely shower. I took my shower and wandered out to the kitchen with making coffee on my mind.

As I came into the kitchen, I find my friend propped on the kitchen sink. While that was weird enough, I lost all control and burst out laughing with what I saw next. Thank goodness I had already peed or I’d have peed on his floor. In the sink was a metal mixing bowl lined with a plastic grocery bag which he was using to take a huge shit. I can’t lie. I gave him his privacy to finish but only because I had to go outside to compose myself prior to laughing my way into a stroke. To his credit he said he couldn’t wait but didn’t want to burst into the bathroom and take a dump while I showered. That’s the definition of a real friend.

Now that you know that, maybe mine won’t be so bad. While driving out of state I had to poop. Like an emergency situation, right now, can’t wait kind of poop. I quickly exit the the interstate, swing into a Kentucky Fried Chicken and rush in to ask for the bathroom. I almost passed out when I heard it’s out of order. Needing to go more than being embarrassed I quickly said men’s or women’s, I will use either. I had no hope of surviving when she said both were under repair and had no plumbing currently.

With all dignity gone, I quickly whispered to the cashier my request. I was left no choice but to rush to my car and shit into an empty KFC bucket. The irony is I don’t eat KFC cause it leaves me in the bathroom for an hour.

So hit me up and tell me the weirdest place you ever took a poop.

Peace out fellow poopers. Signed Slightly


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3 thoughts on “Weirdest Place I Ever Pooped

  1. Where I work, men have a bad habit of not washing their hands after using the bathroom. I used to see this one guy leave the bathroom on several occasions without washing his hands after shitting. He also handled the credit card invoices and gave them to a lady to process. I was friends with that lady and had told her about his lack of personal hygiene. She was horrified, to say the least. So, one day, I went downstairs to the vending machine and got a Hershey bar. I went back upstairs, grabbed a blank invoice and went back to my desk. I popped a couple of squares of rhe chocolate in my mouth, chewed it up, then stuck my thumb in my mouth, took it back out and smeared a big brown smudge down the middle. I took it back to her desk, and the guy was there! So, I hid it behind my back, but she had already seen it and was trying not to laugh. He left, and I said, I have an invoice for you. She was rather religious, but she still managed to say, “Damn you.”. Pretty good when you can make a nice church lady cuss…lol


    1. I don’t know what I laughed at harder…that screen name or what you wrote B. Hymen!!! Disturbing on many levels!!! Lol!


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