But, No Not Your Ass!

I hope I’m not the only one that hates the word but. Ever stop and really think about the use of the word each time you use it?

She’s pretty but. I got you this but. And the famous , I love you but.

Few people stop and think before using that word. Do you ever realize that when you say but, it negates every word that came before it? It’s not just one of those casual 3 letter words that we use to fill up a sentence. It changes the entire aspect of the phrase or conversation.

She’s pretty but. But what? She’s pretty but she’s a jerk? She’s pretty but she’s a drama queen?

I love you but. Hmm that one is really open. I love you but I banged you sister/brother? I love you but I want a divorce? I love you but . . .. (fill in the blank).

But leaves too many options so next time you start to say it, just skip what came before it and instead of I love you but you’re an ass, just say, you’re an ass. I love you doesn’t soften the blow.

Peace out. Signed Slightly


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One thought on “But, No Not Your Ass!

  1. That is such a hot topic for me!!!! I detest that phrase ,…”Just Saying”…. I literally say the same thing….it’s completely negated everything prior …. So people feel like they can say something super bitchy but end it with , Just Saying! …. Like it was ok to be a raging B! Prior to that fad, it was always ” BUT”….. The one that totally peeves me off is one I’ve heard innumerable times from people who truly know better is when they make the comment about how someone is overweight or has gained weight or how they’d be prettier if they lost weight AND THEN SAY BBBB.UUUU.TTTT. they are nice . Ok….yes back up and read that!!!!! Yep you read that right… So basically all fat people are ass holes ? Well that’s what they said!!! They r fat BUT that person they were just judging for being fat (who’d b prettier if they were thin) is nice,..though . You know in spite of their fatness. As someone who isn’t thin anymore, maybe I am an asshole. Maybe I’m to blame for all the fat people of the world being asshole. No, I don’t really think that. I think we r all just pissed off for being judge about everything over what out weight is. As if our weight is a character flaw. It’s something that some people can’t let go. I’m glad to hear we r nice though, BUT we are becoming less tolerant of dumbassery! There’s how u use BUT.


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