Saw something from a reader today and loved it. Thanks J. Hot for sparking yet another blog. Here is the meme she posted.

“Opinions are like orgasms, mine is more important and I don’t care if you have one.”

That so tops the old phrase opinions are like assholes . . . . . I even have a mug that says the difference between coffee and opinions? I asked for the coffee. Every wonder why there are so many jokes, memes, etc about opinions? It’s because in all honesty, no one wants to hear yours, except maybe your mom and only because she loves you.

But seriously, everyone has opinions and yes the old adage everyone is entitled to them is true. HOWEVER, you note that is in caps, you aren’t necessarily entitled to share them. In fact, unless it’s asked for you should just shut your mouth and keep it to yourself.

I see people make things or do things, show others and the comments are oh nice or oh I like it, but I’d do it like this or if I made one I’d do this or that. Seriously, just shut up and say it’s nice. They don’t need or want that negative crap. Unless someone walks up to you and says I did this or I made that, what do you think, don’t offer an opinion. Yes, as an adult you can say anything you want but it doesn’t mean you have to. You can be an ass but it doesn’t mean you have to be one.

I’m with J Hot on this one, mine is more important and I don’t care if you have one. In fact, if I want you to have an opinion, I’d give you one.

Peace out opinionated earth people. Signed Slightly.


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