If You’re Hoarding, You’re A Worthless Human Being

I try to keep politics and news issues out of my blog but I had to write this one. What is with you people hoarding toilet paper and water? Seriously I want to know.

Yes we have a flu virus going through the country but don’t act like this is anything new. We had bird flu, Sars, N1H1, etc. As sad as it is to say, people die from the flu every year. The flu is passed person to person, every year. In fact, the death rate of this flu is much lower currently than the number of people that die each year from viruses. The only difference between those flu’s and this one, is the media hype. I personally believe that hype is designed to effect the 2020 elections, but that’s another topic I won’t comment on.

But you that are hoarding disinfecting and cleaning products are nuts. However, the ones that top my list are the toilet paper hoarders. What the hell is wrong with you? This flu causes no symptoms that require the need for anything more than your usual amount of toilet paper, to put it nicely. To be blunt, it doesn’t make you shit any more than normal. If you only needed 1 package of toilet paper last month, you will only need 1 package this month, not 25 of them.

Not to mention you’re a complete asshole to hoard an unnecessary item that leaves others unable to buy a common necessity. No one wants to wipe themselves on towels them have to wash them all. No one wants to beg toilet paper from family and friends.

Use some common sense and save some for everyone. The companies are making more every day and we are not facing a national crisis because it’s no longer being made, but only because of assholes hoarding it. I would suggest a bidet but those prices went from $29.99 to $124 last week.

I hate people and companies that take advantage of people in panic situations. Try and be kind. Share if you have extra and know people that can’t afford to stock up in advance. Manufacturers aren’t closing and there is no reason to be hoarding anything. I blame the stores as well as they let people return all these after the situation resolves so they get their money back.

Peace out fellow toilet paper users. Signed Slightly.

PS – Please report price gouging to your local law enforcement and Amazon. Federal guidelines are in place to punish those people and Amazon is removing their listings immediately.


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One thought on “If You’re Hoarding, You’re A Worthless Human Being

  1. It’s all very self centered. When someone with a baby hoards all the baby products , what do they think the other parents are going to do? Baby formula is certainly not something that can be substituted. A girl I know from School posted about her trip to get groceries and seeing a mother crying in the aisle as she went to get stuff for the baby. Because it was all cleaned out. So what is that person to do? So sad. People here in Ohio have tons of rural areas. We only live 5 miles from town. But that’s still 5 miles at least from anyone at all that delivers. So thanks to our Governor and his crew we have bars and restaurants closed that don’t offer deliver or drive thru. Although we literally just got doordash, that’s still too far to get something delivered. Ive only seen that in the adjacent city in WV, not even on the 2 closest to us here in Ohio.
    The CDC is renowned for not having the most honest moral compass. I’ve seen the drama with the Lyme topic , and have suffered personally because of it. I don’t suppose people see these things unless they’ve had personal dealings with something that involves the CDC. They are not to be trusted and don’t assume they have our best interests in mind. It’s a terrible conflict of interests and so much is political. Pathetic.


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