Pajama’s Are Not Outdoor Clothing

I find it strange you’d need to tell anyone that pajamas aren’t made for wearing in public but I see it every day. It used to be you’d see someone pop in a store early in the morning and the little kids might still be dressed in pj’s. Understandable as it was usually if mom needed to grab something for morning meals.

Now it seems common to see grown adults wearing pj’s to the store. And no offense, but it’s usually women I see wearing them. Last year China’s government had such an issue they started public shaming of people shopping in pajamas. Can’t say I blame them but after a lot of complaints, they apologized for it. Not me.

Let’s be honest. The only reason is you’re to lazy to get dressed. Does it really take a significant amount of time to pull on a pair of shorts, slacks or even a skirt before you go shopping? Is it really to much work to get dressed in street clothes before leaving home? If the answer is yes, then online shopping is for you.

I haven’t decided if it’s laziness or just plain dumb but it needs to stop. Spend a moment and make your self look presentable. Hell you might end up on that website people of walmart.

Peace out. Signed Slightly.


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