I Might Be Becoming An Advice Column

Not being used to people actually reading my blog, I was surprised today to find I had 3 emails and that they were actually from 3 different people. Imagine that. I addressed one already and don’t want the other 2 to feel left out in case they check back in, so here goes.

One person asked if a boy grows up to become gay, did the father fail as a man?

Ok people where do you get these questions? Seriously that is nuts. How would a young man’s sexual preference reflect on the type of father he had? Maybe if you have a gay father that is overly flamboyant you might be raised to think that it’s ok for men to act that way, but it won’t change who you feel a desire to sleep with. Your father may be a jock and spend his weekend watching everything from football to golf, it won’t change which sex gives you a hard on.

People are physically and emotionally attracted to the people that are attracted to. If you’re a man and grabbing another guys ass does it for you, that’s no reflection on your mother or father. In all honesty, I was hoping this was a joke question because I can’t imagine anyone thinking it meant someone failed as a father or a man.

If your father was there and provided for you financially, physically and emotionally, he was an excellent example of what a man is and should be. Regardless of what you think about same sex relationships, it’s not up to you to judge. Let people live the way they want and God will sort it all out in the end.

Peace out gay friends. Signed Slightly.


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