Hand Sanitizer And It’s New Uses

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but before anyone goes off on their unicorn with some imaginative theory that I’ve died from WuHan cooties, I assure I’ve sent the log in to 2 random readers to post in the event of my demise. This post comes from follower, J. Hot. . . . . . . . .

With all this Covid 19 running rampant throughout the world, I think it’s time we really took a long, hard look at hand sanitizer and all it’s uses. These are some pretty serious cooties going around and we can’t let that ruin our desire for physical contact. In case I was too obtuse, I meant sex, boinking, bumping uglies as Slightly likes to say. We all have that basic need to procreate. Ok I don’t wanna procreate, but I like to practice and we need to be safe so I wanted to send Slightly’s readers some Covid 19 safe sex tips.

I add a disclaimer that you all try these at your own risk, Being in a happy marriage I have not tried these ideas yet. Well, not all of them, and some may be extremely unpleasant or even dangerous.

Hand sanitizing your junk prior to a blow job. Seems extreme so maybe try listerine gargle afterwards if she’s game.

Sanitizing your junk before a hand job. This might be optional based on the circumstances. Would her washing her hands prior be enough? If it’s your own hand wouldn’t you be safe already?

Do you have to use hand sanitizer on her taco? I was trying to find a polite word. Do they have mouth guards with a built in sanitizer?

By the way, those of you that enjoy a good smack on the ass during a brief afternoon delight, add that sanitizer so she don’t have to keep washing that ass.

I hope these tips help to keep you safe during these uncertain times. I doubt social distancing has changed our quirks and hang ups and most might be obvious, but I think obvious flew out the window a couple of months ago.

Peace out Slightly. Signed J. Hot.


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One thought on “Hand Sanitizer And It’s New Uses

  1. 😀😃😄😁😆😅😂🤣 That’s a great way to wake up.
    I feel honored to be noted by your blog. I appreciate your uncensored opinions and humor! Keep them coming !!!!!


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