You’ve probably all thought I was dead, gone or both, but here I am. I have stayed away during this mass hysteria the news media calls a pandemic. I didn’t want my blog to become political, current events etc. and definitely not this crap.

How many times have you heard “I just couldn’t get up today and make myself go to work”? I better not her that shit again after all the people bitching they are stuck at home. Honestly though, I guess it’s more a feeling of being told you can’t, more than it is not actually not being able to.

I will admit when the non-essential shut downs came I thought wow this is a good idea, it should stop the spread. And let’s be honest, maybe it would have but certainly not the way the states have and are handling it. You shut down bars but told restaurants they could still open for food take out. You shut down small local hardware, craft and hobby stores then told Home Depot, Michael’s, etc. they could stay open. You told Wal-Mart, Target and supply stores they could stay open, but every hairdresser in the country to close. You told people you can’t open your small businesses or go to work but you can basically go everywhere else. I didn’t see many staying at home.

How did that make sense? I can’t speak for every state but where I live what I saw was people going everywhere but work. Is McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc. really essential? Could people not eat at home? Was Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and others really essential? Maybe for home repair emergencies. People here used the stay at home order to shop, run errands, fix up the house and basically everything but work.

The “phased” reopenings are just as nuts. You can go to the beach with thousands of people. You can go to Wal-mart and Lowe’s with a hundred other people but you can’t get a hair cut. Your wife can’t get her nails done. Stop and think about how that makes sense. Am I supposed to believe that beach or store is more sanitary than my barber shop that holds 3-4 people at a time with more than adequate room to social distance? My barber is trained in sanitizing and cleaning and Joann’s and other chains claim they wipe basket handles. Hmmmm I’d rather trust my barber.

Nascar was told you have to still drive to qualify for the season but there will be no spectators. WWE however got themselves declared an essential business. Churches were told to close till the pastor of one of the richest ones in Florida was arrested for holding services with hundreds of people. 2 days later that governor declared that the churches were essential. Bottom line is you can become essential to the US based on how much money you have and that defeated the entire purpose.

It’s time the government rethink these mindless decisions. We have had plagues, swine flu, epidemics etc. and never have we told people you can’t leave your homes. And you governors telling people they can’t buy guns, get carry permits or ammo are plain idiots. When dishonest people run out of money, theft is the first place they look to get more. Top that off with sheriff offices posting on social media about the crimes they aren’t responding to, and a pandemic is the lest of my worries.

As a population overall, we need to be careful. Don’t go crowded places you don’t have to go. Be trained and prepared to protect yourself and your families. Until people can go back to earning money, this will only get worse.


Peace out fellow lockdowners. Signed Slightly.


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