I promise it’s my last blog of the day but sometimes my ideas, thoughts and internal questions come in epic flows. Hence the name of my blog. Today it’s an interesting question from a reader.

She heard a local sheriff advising on social media that most agencies during Covid 19 will not be responding to some minor calls, including but not limited to, on that list was breaking and entering. As she states, it’s one thing for law enforcement to stop responding to certain crimes but what idiot decided to broadcast it on social media? Why not list what areas are now free crime zones. Wait I saw this in a movie. The Purge.

So anyway she asked, if the police will not respond to a breaking and entering call, do they respond for the call to remove a body or do you have to do that yourself? Like her, if you are found breaking and entering while I’m home, law response or not, you will be shot. That makes her question a very good one.

Since police said they aren’t responding, there was no reason for them to call 911. So now they asked, if they have a dead or seriously injured body in their house, do they now call 911? Does the sheriff come retrieve the body if dead? Do the police call an ambulance if it’s not a fatal wound? If not, does the owner have options on disposing of the body? Should she drive the wounded person to the hospital or call an ambulance? Will the police call the next of kin or does she drive over and let them know?

Since Slightly is not an attorney, I don’t have the answers but I can say it seems like dealing with a body versus an injured person seems like it would be a lot easier and more practical. So while Slightly does not promote or suggest any type of violence, I will say if you are found breaking and entering at my house when I’m home, the question as to who disposes of the body and who notifies the next of kin will be the only ones we’ll need to ask.

Hopefully your local police aren’t quite as foolish as the ones where our reader lives and doesn’t announce these things on social media. Be safe and defend your homes.

Peace out fellow gun lovers. Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “LEGAL QUESTION

  1. I thought I had heard about that somewhere. That’s crazy on both levels. Deciding they aren’t responding to B&Es and then announcing it. To me I would fear my safety that much more. Knowing noone would be coming. I think we all better start announcing ourselves and always using doorbells no matter whose house we r going to. That is just really wrong.


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