As you know I’ve tried to keep Covid 19 out of my blog but sometimes you hear something so obviously ignorant, you can’t ignore it.

Seven states have demanded everyone wear a mask in public beginning in April. Some even require businesses to refuse customers and employees to come in without them. What makes it even funnier, is most of those states have laws that make it illegal to wear masks in public. Many started as a way of stopping KKK members from covering their faces. So can they wear hoods again? My bank has a sign that says no hat or sunglasses. So I can wear a mask but not a hat? How dumb is all this really getting.

This bodes another issue. Masks are pretty much a one time use. Once you’ve touched things, then the mask has to be disposed of or washed. Well the ones you can wash are homemade and the CDC claims they are useless so am I required to use and wash a useless mask? Wait, now I’ll be required to buy mask material and a sewing machine, learn how to use it, then learn to make a mask. Which again according to the CDC is useless. This shit is getting more expensive by the minute. Pre-made masks are difficult to find and aren’t free. So if I can’t afford to buy them are the taxpayers providing them free of charge? If so, will this be like welfare where only low income people will get free ones? If so that’s a problem cause I’m already providing those people welfare and taxpayer paid health insurance so how can I afford to pay for my own mask.

I heard that Illinois, I believe it was, not only requires all residents and visitors to wear a face mask everywhere in public, but today announced it would be a requirement indefinitely. Likely forever. Are they nuts? I hope people revolt and refuse. Are they planning on arresting an entire state? Where do they plan on holding them since they are letting criminals out of jail? What crime will you actually charge them with? What about these states that claim they will charge a $1,000 penalty and jail? You let criminals go free but you’ll lock up my grandma if she doesn’t have one?

So here’s my opinion. If you want to force me to wear one, you better be providing me one or allowing me to deduct it on my taxes. And if you’re gonna try and fine me, you better go ahead and get my cell ready. Oh yeah, if I get Covid 19 in jail I’m suing the state.

So when you see this in public, remember it’s not a racial thing, it’s a state mandate. Guess that will get them spending money to define “mask”.

Peace out fellow germ phobes. Signed Slightly.


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