Ok ladies tell me I’m wrong. I know a man invented this. You ladies are too smart to think up something this crazy.

I ran across a link for a Babypod. What is this you might ask. Well being bored at lunch, I wondered the same thing. I know we give kids Ipads but are we giving babies electronics now to baby sit them as well? Inquiring minds want to know and so we can all know, I clicked the link. Now I can share and save you looking it but once you read this, I know you’ll google it anyway thinking I’m full of shit. At least the men will. Most women will likely laugh hysterically and scroll on past.

I know you’re on the edge of your seats. Waiting breathlessly to know what it is. So I will share. Babypod is apparently a blue tooth vaginal speaker. Yes you read that right. It’s inserted into the vaginal area and plays tunes for your unborn baby. You can even said you read it here first.

Now that my female readers have laughed themselves silly and logged off, men let’s ask ourselves, who thought of this? If you get your wife or baby momma one and she likes it, there goes any chance of sex. I’m pretty sure a speaker in there would make that out of the question.

Then it’s that age old question, who gets the remote? How do you decide what your future child listens to? Your husband likes rap and you like classical. You like show tunes and come home to find your baby loves SIr Mixalot’s I Like Big Butts. I could see this becoming a never ending controversy.

So my male readers, if you convince your wives to try this, give me a shout out and let me know how it works out. The females in my house are the ones that laughed and logged out. One suggested I could insert it other places using my body.

Peace out fellow music lovers. Signed Slightly


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