Sad Return Of The Muscle Cars

I was glad to see Chevy, then Ford, bring back back some of the older car models we always referred to as muscle cars. The Challenger, Camaro, Mustang, etc. Those were the “cool” guys cars. Every guy wanted to own one and every girl wanted to date the guy that owned one. I can only guess how many kids lost their virginity in one of those cars. Parking at the movies, fogging up the windows. The good old days when you didn’t have to worry about being car jacked if you parked too long.

Today getting gas, a new 5.0 mustang pulls in next to me. Convertible, black out kit on all the lights and extended tail pipes. Ahhhh the car of my youth. Expecting to see some teen or 20 something pop out, imagine my surprise when out crawls a 70+ year old, dressed in a suit and tie looking like my accountant. Made me stop and think about a car show I was at back in January. Thinking back, it was mostly older men that owned the decked out new Challengers and Camaros. I guess at $30k for a car, I should expect that but I really didn’t.

So I had to ask myself. Are the old guys buying muscle cars the ones that owned an original and reliving their youth? The more I thought about it the more I think, nope it’s likely the nerds that could never afford to own one in school. The ones that drove dad’s station wagon. You know the jocks likely grew up to blue collar jobs and Honda’s while those nerds are now all CPA’s and lawyers who can easily shell out $30k for an car no matter how hard it is to climb out of.

Wonder if they are still fogging up the windows with your grandma?

Peace out fellow nerds and enjoy the ride. Signed Slightly.


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