Why The Finger?

If you are driving 40 in a 50 zone or worse yet, 20 in a 30 zone, that is certainly your choice. You likely think you’re a safe driver. Truth is, you’re a traffic hazard. I personally think you’re a total dick that should pull over and let the back up you’ve created pass, but being a dick, you likely won’t.

But I have to ask why the finger? Every damn one of you when passed wave that middle finger at the passing driver. Don’t say to yourself, not me, cause you know damn well you likely do it also. But I am at a loss to understand it. If I choose to drive the posted speed and carefully pass you, what the hell are you mad at? You’re the one tying up traffic. You’re the one forcing others to pass you. Many of whom are now pissed cause they have to tolerate you till they can.

So next time a car passes you when you are holding up traffic, put your finger down and tell yourself, wow I’m a traffic hazard and I need to pull over. Better yet, stay home during morning and afternoon commute times.

Peace out fellow drivers. Signed Slightly.


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