A Whole New Twist on Dining Out

I read an article at lunch today and really wanted to share it with you. It adds some levity to all this pandemic craziness in the news every day.

A Virginia restaurant took social distancing to a whole new and hilarious level. They feel like with all the craziness going on that people want to go out because they need to have fun, enjoy being out, etc. and since he can only sit half his restaurant tables with people, he filled the empty tables with mannequins. They are all dressed in 1940’s attire with some seated for dinner and some theatrically staged. One is even proposing to his girlfriend.

The feels like people wanna go out and see others and people really don’t care if they aren’t real people. I personally think it’s an awesome idea. Given the chance, I would sit there in front of everyone and carry on an entire conversation with the mannequin next to me.

Peace out fellow diners. Signed Slightly.


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