Vanity Plates

I have seen so many vanity plates lately that I couldn’t resist blogging my favorites and some I wonder – WTH were you thinking.

Here are some I love.

Plumbing van with a license plate – TURDS

A convertible mustang with Gift4BJ – Hope he’s expecting an amazing BJ for a new car. Most run $50 or less. Or so I heard from a friend.

Saw one with a car upside down on the highway and a vanity plate read – Clumsy

Ferrari with a vanity plate reading – Zro Kids. I think that one was obvious.

Saw one that read “Old Ped O” When did pedophiles start advertising?

One of my favorites was an Ohio plate that read “Yur Next”. Great to know if yo’re waiting in line.

Then you have those I wonder, did they think them thru? Vanity plates cost to have the initial plate made and a higher annual renewal fee so I always wonder about the ones that apply to the car itself or make no sense.

A friend had one for years on his corvette that said “Rev On”. After his divorce that same tag ended up on a 12+ year old Nova. It was just sad.

Saw a new VW bug that read “Eww a Bug” and a Smart car that read “Oh I Fit”. Cute but when you get a new car you have to pay for a whole new vanity plate.

You have to feel bad for men that use plates like “Luv Anal”. You know good and well if you have to advertise like that, it’s likely something he likes but never gets.

I think the 2 saddest I’ve seen on a car were what could be called poor advertising. Where is your self esteem when your tag reads – Fat N Ugly and Avg Pnis? I have to wonder why you’d put that on your car unless you just need a bit of sympathy.

While Slightly does have a vanity plate, just know it not only makes sense but advertises exactly who I feel I am. In case you’re wondering, no I can’t share it here. Can’t have readers randomly approaching Slightly at the mall. Or worse yet, my house.

Peace out fellow drivers. Signed Slightly

Oh if you’ve seen some interesting plates, good or bad, hit me up at


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