A Reader Story

I had a reader send in an idea and then invited her to write a post for my blog so you got the story first hand. Here’s her story.

Vibrators, Many Own But Few Talk About

Had to share this story with Slightly because I knew he enjoyed a laugh. It was initially only half funny but the second half of the story is what makes it so bizarre.

If you haven’t heard of the website Wish, it’s kind of like Amazon but everything is pretty cheap and shipped from China. Several months ago my daughter told me about it and I ordered some cute sandals. When they arrived I stood talking to my daughter in the yard while opening the package. Imagine my surprise and somewhat embarrassment when I pulled them out there was a huge pink vibrator called a jack rabbit. If you think I was surprised, you should have seen my daughters eyes. She immediately yelled why did you open that in the yard. Won’t do that again. I contacted the company and was assured they would send the shoes right away. The funniest part was when I asked how to return the vibrator, I was instructed in a rather lengthy email that I should keep it “for my own personal pleasure and use” as an apology for the inconvenience. I tried to gift it but apparently it’s just not something you give your child but we all got a good laugh about it.

The box ended up on a closet shelf forgotten about till last month when my niece came to help me organize and clean. That’s when it got even funnier, or more bizarre depending on your point of view.

I talked my niece into taking it home and she didn’t mention it again till last weekend when she came to visit. She began laughing and said “Jim and I were laughing and can’t believe you gave us a used vibrator”. You can’t begin to imagine my embarrassment. Even though it wasn’t true I almost peed my pants laughing. Apparently when they opened it they found that it took three batteries and someone had already installed one. Once they added two more batteries it didn’t work so they figured it was worn out. Her boyfriend had a huge laugh that I’d gift them a worn out vibrator. He’ll fit right in this family.

I know some may not think this is funny, but if you knew our family, it was insanely funny. The only comment I had was “so some crackhead with a worn out whoo ha is running around China with my sandals”. We could not stop laughing.

There are 2 morals to this story. One, don’t open packages from other countries in your front yard and two, check things before you give them away. So Slightly, I hope my story was worthy of you blog or if nothing else, it gave your readers a good laugh.

Hope it’s ok to use your usual send off so – peace out fellow Slightly lovers.

Signed Shoe Queen


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