You Had To Be There

I live in a small town that while not a busy city, isn’t completely a rural area. That being said, you always expect to see things you wouldn’t see in big cities like NY or LA. Small towns while they have charm, can leave people thinking some things aren’t that important.

Seems the last few years larger cities have trends like wearing your pajamas to the grocery store. Not sure how that came about or when it became normal. When we were little, if our mom had an emergency run before bed such as milk for breakfast, she might have drug us along in pj’s, but rest assured my mother would never consider wearing her’s outside the house. When I was a kid I recall my grandmother moved from Maryland to the south and she came home appalled after her first trip to the grocery store because the ladies there weren’t wearing nylons.

Don’t get me wrong, our small town does have a Walmart and there will always be those “people of walmart” that wear any and everything to the store but it isn’t that common here. However you do still see things in smaller towns that are a bit odd. Today I was treated to one of those things that make you say, only in this county or this area.

Leaving my home I pass a tractor/hardware store and it’s not uncommon to sometimes see an early shopper or two hanging around the front waiting for them to open. Yes, it one of those local hardware shops that are fast becoming a thing of the past. Just one guy that has owned it forever and they “usually” open at 8am.

Today as I drove by, I happened to notice a woman standing by the front door waiting for him to open. I initially noticed her as she was wearing camo overalls and it’s not hunting season. While most of you just thought oh that’s not that odd, you should know that was all she was wearing. Overalls and her hair pulled back in a pony tail. Apparently someone forgot to tell her you normally wear a shirt with overalls, or at least a bra, maybe even a sports bra. But not, just overalls.

I know you likely think he’s seeing things but rest assured readers, to ensure I give you accurate info, I circled the block. There she was, leaning on the handrail with overalls and boobs spilling out everywhere, and these weren’t the kind of boobs you wanna see.

What really made me think about rural, small town life was the hardware shop owner. As I waited for the light, he arrived, greeted the lady and opened up like her showing up boobs a flapping was a daily thing around there. Needless to say I will be watching to see if it is.

In closing, ladies one you reach a certain age your boobs are likely only interesting to your man. But to be honest, men will look at any boobs. It’s hardwired in. But the hardware store is no place to be displaying your goodies.

Peace out fellow boob lovers and ladies, what the hell, let them flap.

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