What Dumb Ass Came Up With This

In case no one is aware, Slightly is highly in favor of conceal carry. I think every American should own a gun, know how to use it, carry it and be prepared to defend yourself and your family. It’s law enforcement’s job to investigate crimes, try to solve crimes, etc. If you think they can protect you, you are wrong. They can legally do nothing until a crime is committed and they cannot be everywhere at once. The chance of a police officer being present when you’re attacked, shot, etc. is likely about a billion to one. It’s your responsibility to defend and protect yourself.

Now that I said that, my point was holsters. I’m in the market for a new handgun which means I will also need a new holster. So many new and exciting ones come out each year that I like seeing what’s available rather than just go back to the old standard.

In my search for Glock holsters, I ran across what’s called a women’s bra holster. Well I assumed women as men rarely wear bra’s. Anyway, I had to ask myself what dumb ass came up with this idea? Take a loaded weapon with a chambered round and attach it to a bra. In order to release it you basically have to point it directly at your head. What moron would do this? Am I missing some stroke of brillance that makes someone even consider this?

Still in shock that anyone would buy, this I decided to do a little research. Could this be safe? It’s apparently called a Flashbang holster and I’m not crazy to think it’s stupid as I found 2 women that have died or been injured using them. One woman shot herself in the eye adjusting her bra and one shot herself in the head and died while taking her gun out.

It boggles my mind that someone was dumb enough to invent this but even more so the ones that would buy one. Needless to say, no one in Slightly’s family will be using one. So stay safe and please choose wisely so I don’t have to read later you were a dumb ass.

Peace out fellow gun lovers. Signed Slightly.



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2 thoughts on “What Dumb Ass Came Up With This

  1. As a woman I can see the need to find an adaptation for holstering a gun when you’ve got boobs. Not having boobs you may not be aware of just what an instruction they are. While working in the medical field I was always wearing scrubs, hospital scrubs as I worked in surgery. For whatever reason the women’s scrubs had 2 pockets at the bottom front edges of the front piece of the shirt , while the guys scrub shirts on had a breast pocket. I can’t tell you how many times I “lost my pen” or even bigger things,..and they were merely in that pocket. Not like I could see that. Those pockets are under my boobs,…in the shadows of the land of the lost, rarely to be seen by boob owner. When I was on call and had my pager , which is significantly smaller and non lethal compared to a gun, where was I to put it? I couldn’t put it in the boob shadows. Having any chubbers at all on your body only meant the pager would flip out or off when moving around or bending over. So I just put the pager in my bra. Not a popular place, but the only feasible place. So if we talk about a gun, where would I carry one? The boob shadows are clearly out. The old fashioned police ones that they wore under their jackets don’t work with boobs , and having one by your butt crack isnt practical either. A gun purse sounds practical but not if u r one to lose things. So an alternative is totally needed. Is the bra holster a good solution I don’t think so. Someone who does come up with a good solution will surely cash in, as this MUST be a huge problem. Keep us updated Slightly so we can stay out of the boob shadows


  2. Dang J Hot issues I never considered. Not having boobs I can’t say what the answer is but Slightly does waist carry or as you put it (by the way love the term) butt crack carry.


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