Deep Personal Thoughts

Someone emailed me and asked if they could get my opinion or as they put it “my deep personal thoughts” on a few issues. Said it helps to know someone better. Well, being Slightly, I of course said sure, email them to me. I read these thinking, damn they have too much free time or are really nosy. But why not. Here you go.

Are you living a meaningful life? Hmmm to who? I mean to have as much insanity in my life as I can until they bury me or commit me, whichever comes first.

What is one thing in life you can’t live without? Probably bourbon. Ok it’s actually God, my family and bourbon, in that order.

Is it better to be honest or thoughtful? That’s a dumb question. If your wife says does my ass look fat in these jeans do you think you really should say yes. If so immediately call your divorce lawyer. If your husband says do I have a small dick he is not looking to hear, well yes dear. If you think yes, he’ll likely have a girlfriend soon.

If you could ask one person anything and get an honest answer what would it be? That’s easy. I’d have to ask Monica Lewinsky if she really blew that creep Bill Clinton.

What’s something that overwhelms you? People. In general they suck and ask stupid questions.

What instantly makes you smile? My sister.

What’s your funeral look like? Oh I have had this planned for years. I prefer a cremation but I’d like a friend to attend during the cremation, not say a word and just wait while wearing a grim reaper outfit and drinking bourbon.

What do you want your last words to be? It’s a toss up. Limited Mental Capacity or Signed Slightly.

So thoughtful reader, I hope I have answered your questions. I tried to be as honest as possible and I hope you feel you know me better.

Peace out fellow questioners. Signed Slightly.


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2 thoughts on “Deep Personal Thoughts

  1. If you ever get the answer from Monica please post that. That was super gross. I suppose we’ve all done things we’d rather not admit to, they just didn’t make national news or end up in evidence, tagged and kept for all eternity…or for a museum exhibition.
    As Id hope your funeral wouldn’t be for a very long time, do u have back ups for this wild role of grim reaper? Will they have any other rolls?
    Love this! Where did u get this idea ? Did u attend a funeral where someone did this?
    That’s awesome you have a sister that makes you happy. I have one of those too. She is someone I can aspire to. She’s real and loves God. That’s a great role model. She is also a fan of yours so we get some great laughs . Thanks Slightly.


    1. Ahhh J Hot I wish I could say I saw the grim reaper idea somewhere but the idea developed in Slightly’s somewhat disturbed mind. One day I happened to tell my child I did not ever want a funeral and they said well we’ll have one anyway. A couple of days later I was telling a friend about it and out of the blue I said if they do, make sure you dress like a reaper and just go stand in the back. Now I kinda want one just so he can do it. LOL.

      Glad you have such an awesome sister. Bet she thinks the same of you and keep following. No telling where Slightly’s mind goes from one day to the next. Peace out J Hot.


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