Sacrilege or Just Funny

So today a co-worker told me about Jesus Soap. Yes, you heard me right, Jesus Soap. You are probably asking, are they serious. I wondered the same and we all know I had to Goggle it. I don’t trust a source unless Google can confirm it. Well, there is was. Jesus soap.

I have to wonder who came up with this idea and for what purpose? My initial thought was ok a gimmick. People are once again using Jesus to sell crap. While I guess it’s somewhat funny, doesn’t it seem a bit sacrilegous to put Jesus on soap? Then I wondered do you actually think people would buy it believing it might wash away sins? While that sounds crazy, let’s be honest, there are some nuts in this world.

If you have cussing problem can mom wash you mouth out with Jesus soap?

Will I receive forgiveness or absolution if I bathe in Jesus Soap?

Is it just for sinners or can anyone use it to feel closer to heaven?

What does Jesus soap smell like?

Does the lather look like clouds so you feel closer to heaven?

I will admit, after googling an ad or two this one was pretty funny. I especially love the disclaimer.

Having dirty thoughts lately? Do you ever think to yourself: “Oops, shouldn’t have done that!” maybe you colored your hair pink. Whatever the sin, the Holy Almighty Jesus is here to wash your worries away. Simply lather yourself up with your Jesus Soap, then wash away. Watch as the soapy residue slides down your sinful body, bringing you closer to heaven.

Please note that this is a novelty item. It does a fantastic job at washing; but there is no guarantee your sins will be forgiven. If you want redemption, please join a church

I have a lot more thoughts on it but I think my opinion is this borders a lot more on distasteful than it does funny but I can see it selling. I hope more for a gag gift but I’d wonder how many people buying it hoping.

Peace out fellow sinners. Signed Slightly


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