Tattoo’s – What The Hell Were You Thinking?

Ok, I try to stay out of the mainstream media and away from certain subjects but sometimes you can’t help but point out just how stupid some people are. Don’t get me wrong, Slightly is not opposed to tattoo’s but think it through before you decide on one.

Tattoo’s can be cute, interesting, tell a life story or just plain stupid. Some people need to stop and ask themselves, will this affect my job prospects in the future? Do I want to ever meet a good husband or wife? Will people think I’m an idiot?

If you want crazy tattoo’s, put them someplace that you can cover up if a good job requires it. Put them someplace that the first impression you make isn’t that you’re stupid. If nothing else, consider that one day you might have kids and they’ll have to be seen by you.

Here are some I ran across that are just plain stupid and make me ask, what the hell were you thinking? And FYI – those tats hurt a hell of a lot more being removed than having them done.

Peace out fellow skin artist. Signed Slightly

This is one the artist should be beaten as well. Not only do you have a screaming baby on your face, but it’s shitty tat work (or just an ugly kid). Can’t see him ever working with the public.

I hope this idiot has a wife before this tattoo, cause the chances now are slim to none and he might consider a job in welding or something he can wear a helmet all day. Kinda wonder if he just wanted to match the wall behind him.

I gotta give this lady credit as Slightly is a meat lover as well but come on. I hope her future plans include marriage to a heart doctor. That’s a lot of meat. You can tell she’s a women though, she was smart enough to put it where she can cover it and doesn’t affect her chances of decent employment or embarrassing her kids.

And, if nothing else when getting a tottoo, factor in one day you will be old and those tats are not going to age as well as you think. This guy looks like he spent his life behind bars. Oh yeah, factor in gaining and losing weight as well when going for those sexy tats. I know one day in the past he looked in a mirror and thought “damn I look hot”.


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