I recently saw a commercial (I am assuming based on all the BLM crap currently in the news) where the entire ad was saying ” nothing will change until we accept the intolerance inside ourselves”.

What a load of crap. Maybe some people really deal with intolerance but that doesn’t mean everyone does. It’s kinda like that white privilege bullshit which is really more like white guilt but that subject is for another day. People need to stop assuming because they have shitty thoughts or racist ideas that we all do.

But that aside, it made me stop and ask myself if I really might have an intolerance inside me. Surprisingly, the answer was yes. I am abundantly intolerant of stupid people. They have no excuse for being stupid other than they just choose to not educate themselves regarding current events, social customs, and plain simple English to name but a few.

Do I honestly have to check myself and choose to become more tolerant? Hmmm NO. If you choose to say stupid things, do stupid things or behave in a stupid manner, please know, Slightly will not be tolerant of you and will more than likely call you out for being stupid.

Now that needed to be said. So look inside yourself and decide are you intolerant? If so and it’s warranted, OWN IT.

Peace out fellow non-conformist. Signed Slightly


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