Reader Email – 2020 Worst Year Yet?

It’s rare Slightly gets email but I’ve actually had another reader ask a question so here goes.

My first thought was why do people ask questions they know will force me to insult them? They wanted to know, with the death of George Floyd and Covid 19, wouldn’t I consider 2020 to be one of the worse years in history?

Yes I guess so if you’re 10 years old, dumb or never owned a TV or read a history book.

How about the civil war where brother fought brother? Families fighting each other over issues no one was really sure what they were. Have you not heard of the bubonic plague or the Spanish Flu where so many were dead they just tossed them in the streets as they died and people came along and burned the bodies, if they didn’t rot first

Maybe you’ve heard of this thing called Pearl Harbor where our country was unexpectedly bombed by Japan? Or Hitler, ever heard of him? You know the nut that planned to take over the world, kill everyone Jewish or non German person and build a super race? Ask a holocaust survivor if Covid 19 is something they fear or one of the worse things they’ve heard of.

If you have lived past the age of 10 or 12 years old, and you haven’t learned or read enough to realize that 2020 will never have a chance of being the worse year in our history, you need to get our more, or see my prior blog on stupid people.

The world has had diseases, swine flu, and tons of other viruses throughout history that pale in comparison to Covid 19. If you think Covid 19 and George Floyd is the worse thing to ever happen visit your local Jewish family and ask for some history. Grab a book and read how many died in the civil war. Ask your grandmother about the great depression and the crash of the stock market. They’ll likely tell you a flu virus is child’s play, or call you an idiot.

Peace out fellow readers. Feel free to email Slightly but in all honestly, if you’ve read my blog you should know dumb questions will likely result in answers insinuating your dumb. Signed Slightly.


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