Ever Feel Bad?

Someone asked me recently “do you ever feel bad when your job means giving people bad news”?

I couldn’t help respond with, “Not really. If I can make at least two people feel bad about their life every day, it’s been a good day.” Does that make me a bad person? Probably, but but who cares.

Well, in all honesty I meant it as a joke which made me realize that while I might not revel in making people feel bad, I do love saying things that stun, shock or simply amaze people. It’s that look on faces, that immediate shock. of WTF or did he just say that? Yes, if you have to question what you heard, I likely said it.

I’ve been accused several times of having no verbal filter. If I think it, it simply comes out my mouth. It just doesn’t stay in my brain long enough to decide if it’s the best thing to say or not. Is this a bad thing? For most normal people, maybe, but for Slightly, not at all. Either you’ll be horribly offended or you’ll laugh your ass off. I don’t really care which. Does this make me an asshole, yeah more than likely. Peace out fellow offenders or offendees.

And don’t forget your masks. Signed Slightly



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