Birth Control and Politics

I have tried to stay away from current social topics as we all have our opinions but sometimes it’s hard. However, with everything going on, it did give me an excellent idea on a new, almost fool proof form of birth control.

Between being around my daughter and her 20/30 year old friends, and what I read on our local community social media, I have heard nothing for the last few months except bitching and whining about schools being closed, day cares being closed, etc. The never ending bitching about what do they do with their kids. How do they go to work if the kids aren’t in school or the day care is closed?

It goes even further with the whining about kids lunches. With school closed how do I get my kids lunch? Well I have the answer, but I preface it with I am a supporter of free lunches. Many kids today would go hungry without them and it’s not their fault. It’s parents that had kids they can’t even afford to feed let alone everything else they will need growing up.

There really is no way of appeasing this generation of parents. With school restarting amid Covid 19, they have the option of virtual school or actual classrooms but no, the same parents are now bitching it’s not safe to go back. Many are opting for virtual school and contacting schools on how to sign up for the free laptops and free internet many service providers are offering. But still they aren’t happy.

This week I have read post after post on social media of these same worthless shits whining about having to stand in line to get a free laptop (free meaning as a taxpayer I paid for it). Likely the same ones that were complaining that while the school is still providing free bagged lunches over the summer when they were closed that they had to wait in a drive thru line for those teachers standing out in the heat to hand them the bags.

When did the US become a place where it’s expected someone else should take care of your kids? Some where that you bitch and moan that the free laptops and free food isn’t placed in your hands fast enough? The country where you’re working from home or sitting home afraid of contracting Covid while you’re pissed the daycare closed to keep their employees safe?

You’re likely asking how does this pertain to birth control? Well the answer is simple. Want a fool proof birth control? Make a law.

If you lay down, spread your legs and pop out kids, you feed them, you get them to/ from school or you educate them. You take responsibility for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year for 18 years. You be accountable for raising functioning, well adjusted, responsible adults. If you have kids and fail to do this the taxpayer then takes on that burden. When that happens you move to a work camp, work 8-10 hours a day and every penny you earn repays the taxpayers. Sound harsh, tough shit. You had kids, not the government. Hell if you made this a law, half of the people on welfare would figure out a way to feed their kids rather than go to a work camp.

I have heard from mothers that walk miles each month to pay utility bills as they can’t afford to feed kids and own a car. Ones that work 2 or more jobs. You do what needs to be done, they are your kids.

Peace out fellow pissed off taxpayers. If there are any other social issues I can solve for you, feel free to hit me up at

Signed Slightly


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