In My Head Today

I started keeping a note pad with me so I can write down random thoughts that pop into my head. Today is only Tuesday and so far I have a few. Ever wonder why such weird things just suddenly pop into your brain? I have and my therapist thinks they aren’t always healthy but what does she know. So I’ll share this weeks random thoughts so far. I can’t say they pertain to anything I’ve seen or heard, they are just there.

Ever look at trees and think one might be growing your own coffin right now?

Watching a movie I wondered about airport security? It’s everywhere, always watching then at baggage claim you can just take whatever bag you want.

I was looking in the mirror yesterday morning and it dawned on me, the only part of your reflection you can lick is your tongue.

Ever realize when you buy a half a chicken at the deli that you’re sharing a chicken with a stranger?

Dawned on me this weekend looking at my fit bit, it’s not much different than the virtual pets of the 80’s except the thing I’m trying to keep alive is me.

Weirdest so far this week was when I was looking at my golf clubs. Ever stop and realize that the object of a golf game is to play the least amount of golf possible?

Peace out fellow thinkers. Signed Slightly.


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One thought on “In My Head Today

  1. Love it!!!!!
    I was disturbed by the coffin thought. Even having worked in death care I never thought of that.
    I have always wondered how the baggage claim never gets stolen luggage constantly.
    I’ve never played golf….but I had to think on that and darn you are so right….. That’s an odd thing to consider…playing the least amount of golf.
    As for the Fit Bit and keeping u alive….. That’s disturbing on a personal level….. Maybe that’s good that I don’t have one.
    Good for you for having a mental dump and releasing your thoughts back out into the world. I always consider that mental weight loss.


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