My posts aren’t always funny or informative. Most times they are just thoughts that enter and then ramble around in my head. Sometimes for days. This time it happens to be weird road signs. Ever wonder if some of them were meant for someone other than the actual drivers passing them?

Like this one “wildlife crossing next 2 miles? Do they really know where the deer or moose cross the road and are warning me? I find it difficult to believe they know exactly where they cross, so I have to assume they are advising the wildlife to use the next 2 miles to cross. I hope they can read.

How about “watch for falling rocks”. Am I supposed to stop and watch for falling rocks kind of like a roadside attraction? Otherwise what’s the game plan? Most of these signs are on 70+ MPH highways so if I see a rock and it’s falling on or in front of me, I don’t have a lot of options. Maybe they just want me to be aware I might be killed driving on that road.

“Bus Stop Ahead.” This one always gets me. If you factor in a bus likely stops there twice a day, 1 to 2 minutes each time and there are 60 minutes in a hour, 24 hours in a day with cars going by, does it seem likely more than 1% of cars passing that sign encounter a bus? I assume this is a warning for the bus driver to plan to stop ahead so they don’t forget a stop.

The most informative one I’ve seen to date was going thru Kentucky. “Caution, Run Away Trucks”. Now no matter how you read that, you damn sure better make sure you’re aware of something like that. No kidding – I drive thru there looking for them the whole time.

The funniest I’ve seen to date is “Jail Ahead, Do Not Pickup Hitchhikers”. While that sign cracks me up every time, it makes me wonder, who picks up a guy wearing jail scrubs or uniforms anyway? Why would you have to even warn people of that? But damn if your car breaks down there I guess you gonna be walking.

The most alarming one to date was in South Carolina. Signs along the interstate say “Speeding – Fine and Prison”. Not local jail mind you, prison!! Who the hell goes to prison for speeding? Can you imagine when Bubba slides up next to you and says what you in for? You’re definitely getting your ass kicked.

As to date the winner of the weirdest I’ve ever seen. Visited Belize once and I still don’t know if it was a joke or not, but on a back road, I ran across a sign that said “Tanks Crossing – Sudden Gunfire”. That I paid attention to but fortunately didn’t run into any tanks.

I am sure there are a lot more out there I haven’t seen so let me know if you have any really good ones or even ones that just make you ask WTH?

Peace out fellow travelers. Signed Slightly

Feel free to send me ideas, questions, whatever makes you think to


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One thought on “WEIRD SIGNS

  1. Those are all crazy signs. Here in the OH / WV area we have the deer signs everywhere. Our WV/OH deer must not have the math calculations your deer in your area have. Our signs don’t specific mile locations for them to cross. Ours must be Hillbilly Deer!
    I’ve often wanted to get really wild and buy a mass of red reflective dots and drive everywhere to add a reflective red nose on those deer. I’ll admit I could not muster up the nerve to do it.
    Not sure I’d be in a location where there’s explosives….at least I hope not. Oh my!!!!!


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