I was recently reminded of what I consider a very strange policy at college campuses across the US. When I think about, it I almost want to make sure my child never lives on campus.

Here’s how this works. If you are in college and share a dorm room/frat house and your roommate commits suicide, you automatically pass that year. Regardless if you had a 4.0 GPA or currently failing every class, you now pass with flying colors. That’s just screwed up all around.

While I can say from personal experience that dealing with suicide is traumatic, how did it factor in that someone should automatically pass all classes because someone else died? Maybe it’s just my warped mind but isn’t that like rewarding you for someone else’s death?

I am sure not everyone’s mind will go the route mine did, after all you’ve seen the title of my blog, but I have serious issues with this ideal as a whole. Aren’t you tempting people to commit murder? Can you tell me honestly that I’m the only one that somewhere in the back of my mind, I’m thinking hmmmm, rather than tell my parents I crapped out of college if my roommate died and it looked like suicide I’d get a free pass. I kid you not this is murder in the making.

Peace out fellow thinkers. Signed Slightly

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  1. Ive seen that in movies but didn’t know that was a real thing. With barely formed mind structures at that age no doubt there have been people go think about that. Or even suggest a suicide when the room-mate just dropped out. I think it breeds creativity…sick creativity .
    The bank we have has a special Accidental D&D (Death & Dismemberment) policy for it’s over 55 members. Noone else, just them. I’ve had a good laugh at this with 2 different bank account managers now. The first was when I took my sister to open an account. The lady went over what all she was signing. Afterward we asked about the AD&D, as she had made me the beneficiary. Some sick number cruncher has had to analyze what’s the least likely scenario and then offer those options to sound like this is a great bonus. The “A” us accidental, but the dismemberment must be a special combo. You must lose say … Your right hand and your left 3 outer toes on your left foot. Or maybe your left eye, right ear and the tip of your left thumb. Only in that combo.
    So, we laughed about it on the way home that she member dismember something when she dies.
    I mentioned I laughed twice about this with different account managers . Well we opened up an acct with them too. We aren’t 55+ so no policy for us. She did agree it was bizarre but said she recently found out that the dismemberment didn’t have to accidental. REALLY?????!!!!!!
    No it’s not what you think! Well maybe it could be. This person was having something surgically removed and it could be claimed on that policy. Sooooooo,…. now instead of life insurance friends and family will b luring others to sign up for free 55+ checking, just so they can dismember them.
    Scary world!!!!!
    P.S.- I haven’t told my sister this . I wonder if she’d have something removed so we could have some spending money ???!!!!


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