What’s The Fascination With Feces?

Yes you read that right. What’s the human fascination with shit? It seems they always come up with weird ideas, but one I read about recently is a prime example of how stupid people can be. Because something cost a fortune it must be exotic.

In the animal kingdom poop is just an everyday thing to deal with but you run across some strange examples. Like hippos and penguins. They toss their shit at possible mates to attract them. Makes me damn glad I’m not a penguin but hey whatever works to hook up a booty call. FYI – Hookers charge extra to let you do this.

It’s what people do with animal poop I find interesting. Since elephant poop is so much fiber, Thailand is using it to make paper. I’d write my alimony checks on it for sure.

During WW2 soldiers made explosives out of bat shit. Hmmm might explain the phrase bat shit crazy. I was shocked to find there is even a Poop Museum in the UK. People can get a close up encounter with 30 different kinds of crap. How entertaining is that?

But here is where I decided people are just plain stupid. Ever googled the most expensive coffee in the world? Well don’t. It’s called Kopi and it’s made from coffee beans that are shit out by a civet. Looks kind of like a small, creepy cat. Who in their right mind would run across some crap covered beans in a forest and say hey, I bet that makes great coffee? Whoever did was genius as it now sells for $100 per pound.

There will always be people with more money than brains. First you invent “coffee colonics” that recharge your system. In plain English it’s shoving an enema of coffee up your ass for about $100 or so. If you’re cheap they even sell home coffee enema kits on Amazon. I find it difficult to believe even those willing to shove coffee up their buttholes are the ones dumb enough to drink coffee you have to pick out of animal feces but then what do I know. It’s just one more reason I wonder why God hasn’t wiped us from the planet again.

Peace out fellow caffeine lovers. I’ll stick to having mine in a cup rather than up my ass and I’ll be skipping the extra bit of animal feces. Signed Slightly

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PS – for you thinking of trying poop coffee, please note, those animals are kept in small, dirty, little cages and abused for no other reason than to profit off their crap. I would recommend just grabbing some Chock Full of Nuts and enjoy a cup of regular coffee. Hmmm, now I’m wondering who’s nuts that one might be made of.


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One thought on “What’s The Fascination With Feces?

  1. 😆😆😅😅😂😂🤣🤣 …. I almost laughed all the way down my leg!!!!!!!!
    Thank you as usual for a fresh perspective!!!!!!!!


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