Covid Vaccines – What A Joke

So the masses line up and want a covid vaccine. Are you insane? Are you buying all the hype?

First they said the vaccine would stop you from getting covid. Well then vaccinated people got covid virus so they decided ok, you’ll get covid but you won’t get sick. That makes perfect sense that now sick people are walking around spreading covid not knowing they are sick. That sense if you’re a government worker.

Well now that we have vaccinated people getting sick with covid, the new theory is ok you’ll still get covid and you’ll still get sick, but you likely won’t die. Well since 99% of people that get covid don’t die anyway, I gotta ask WTF?

Basically, we’ve been lead like sheep by the balls and believe all the nonsense surrounding this. Bottom line is the drug companies have milked hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the taxpayers to pay for the “free” vaccines. You won’t see Slightly in line for one that is for damn sure. However I have realized a way to resolve all the people that ask did you get vaccinated. I’m going to tell them I identify as a vaccinated person.

Yeap that’s right. If that guy walking around identifies as a woman, a gender neutrals, or believe it or not the new “super straight” then I by God can identify as a vaccinated person and I will.

By the way let’s talk about this gender straight shit. WTH is that you might ask? Well I had to ask also and I’m kinda sorry I did. Apparently you have to seriously clarify your sexual preference. If you’re super straight it means you identify as the sex you were born and you only date the people that identify as the same sex they were born.

I can make it even easier for all of you out there wanting to hook up with Slightly, and you know there are a lot of you. If you were born with a dick, Slightly will not be dating you even if you no longer have one.

Peace out fellow gender conscious peeps. Signed Slightly



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One thought on “Covid Vaccines – What A Joke

  1. I think think this app needs emojis now or a 5 star system….that’s hilarious AND disturbing! But that IS why I follow you Slightly! We all need a good laugh, a good diversion from this warped reality to laugh, cry or both at something more bizarre than our own.


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